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Updated details for COVID-19 - Sunday Lunch Meals


In April 2020 Rule of Crumb will be providing Sunday Lunch meals over Easter. These meals will NOT be gluten free . We are offering Sunday roast lunches for Easter Sunday to start with , delivered in the Greater Belfast area. You can ordfer on the shop and we will deliver the chilled meals to your door. 

What makes Rule of Crumb different to other gluten free products?
Our products are all made to our own recipe using quality ingredients to ensure our customers receive a great tasting, gluten free product.

What is the best way to store Rule of Crumb products?
The majority of our products are frozen and should be stored in the freezer until they are needed.

Do Rule of Crumb products meet the new regulations for being labelled ‘gluten free’?
Yes, Rule of Crumb products do not contain gluten or Codex wheat starch and so fall below the Codex Alimentarius standard of 20 parts of gluten per million.

How can I be reassured about contamination?
Our products are prepared carefully in dedicated areas to ensure there are no gluten-containing items in the factory area. Each batch of production is tested in an independent lab and only when the gluten test results are received, are the products available for sale. All products to date have tested at under 5 part per million (ppm), well under the legal limit of 20 ppm. All our products are registered with the Coeliac UK and have the cross grain symbol.

Why are the prices of Rule of Crumb products more expensive than those of equivalent gluten containing products?
It is a well known fact that the cost of producing gluten free items is significantly higher than items made with gluten. Ingredient prices, a highly technical production process, the lack of economies of scale and additional supply chain and distribution costs all contribute to the higher price of gluten-free products compared with wheat-based items. We hope that economies of scale will help us reduce the price of our products over time. Rule of Crumb products are great value and provide a quality item for those avoiding or cutting down on gluten.

What ingredients are used?
The full list of ingredients for each product can be seen on our online shop details. In our chicken items we use only full, whole muscle meat, which is not processed and no water is added. Our fish items use cod fillet for a quality product.